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Classic Manicure $20

Remove polish, cut, shape, cuticle trim, re-polish.

Tropical $30

OPI tropical scrub and vitamin A & E mask that helps rejuvenate dry cuticle and smooth skin.

Milk & Honey $35

Calming, soothing, and moisturizing butter blend. Leaves hand feeling soft to touch without oily feeling. Includes hot paraffin wax.

Shellac Manicure $35

Remove polish, cut, shape, cuticle trim, re-polish.

Organic Deluxe $40

Naturally hydrating and antioxidant-rich massage cream with Argan oil and paraben-free. Your choice of Mandarin & mango scent or lemongrass & green tea scent. Includes hot paraffin wax. 

Ginger & White Tea (Organic) $45

Replenishing Jojoba oil, gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin, exfoliating sugar scrub, containing vitamin D3.

Pedicure & Manicure Combo $45


Ginger & White Tea (Organic) $65

Replenishing Jojoba oil and Epsom salt, gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. Heel treatment with, exfoliating sugar scrubs, hydrating glycerin foot mask containing vitamin D3, chondroitin sulfate wrapped with hot towels, long massage with Shea butter and Paraffin wax. 

This pedicure is perfect before or after a long day of standing.

Organic Deluxe $55

Naturally hydrating and antioxidant-rich sea salt, sugar scrub, and foot mask with Argan oil and paraffin-free. These organic products provide essential oils and herbal extracts to create an organic and healthy pedicure. Includes warm massage with essential oils from a hot candle. Your choice between two scents: Mandarin & mango and lemongrass & green tea.

Milk & Honey Deluxe $50

Milk & Honey aqua leaves release essential oils and antioxidants to protect and moisturize your feet. Includes callus remover gel, sea salt, milk and honey scrub and lotion that moisturize and soften your skin. 

Tropical Deluxe $45

Renew skin condition with sea salt, heel treatment. OPI tropical scrub exfoliates the skin, vitamin C & E mask moisturizes with softening coconut and invigorating citrus extracts. 

Voesh New York Pedicure $45

1. Vitamin Recharge: perfect choice for dull and blemished skin-protect skin cells. 

2. Ocean Refresh: Enriched with seaweed Extra to help nourish, protect skin 

3. Lavender Relieve: Antiseptic and antifungal that helps with circulatory stimulant 

4. Lemon: Contain Enzymes that help cleanse the skin of dead cells. Flush away toxins and Replenish to keep skin looking younger. 

5. Green tea: Dip in Green tea with green tea & Reduce dryness.

Deluxe Premium $40

More than one Flavor you can pick include Warm towel wrapping, Callus remove and hot stone massage

Classic Pedicure $30

Express Pedicure, Remove polish, cut shape pumice stone and Callus remove (No hot stone).

* All deluxe pedicures include hot towel wraps and hot stone massages, Callus remover.



Color Powder $50
Pink & White $55
Refill (Pink & White) $45
Refill (Pink Only) $30
Refill Shellac $35
Repair 2,3 $10
Repair 4,5 $15
Refill Regular Polish $30
Full Set (Shellac or Gel) $50
Solar White Tips $45
Solar Ombre $50 +


French Tips $50
Dipping with Tips $50
Dip Ombre $50 +
Dipping Powder $40


Shellac Polish Change $20
Shellac Remove $10
Nails Remove $15
Hand And Feet Polish Change $15
Nails Repair $5 +
Nails Art $5 +
Extra Massage (10 Mins) $10
Paraffin Wax $10


(Kid under 12 of age)
Pedicure $25
Manicure $15
Shellac Pedicure $35
Shellac Manicure $25


Eyebrow $10
Lip $7
Chin $10
Full Arm $40
Face $35
Under/Arm $25